Mission and Vision


Pomark-MD provides services with high added value, using professional experience, top performance and proactive pursuit of his team of collaborators with superior business practices in a dynamic market of medical devices and other supplies, helping to improve the quality of life and health of the population.


In the first decades of the 21st century Pomark-MD will be successfully established product and service partner for patients, physicians, medical facilities and laboratories with a significant market share in its chosen fields. These objectives will be achieved through extensive presence in the market for medical devices and other health & pharmaceutical-related commodities and by top information support of opinion leaders in governmental and non-governmental healthcare providers as well as pharmaceutical industry.


Pred casom som Vam pisala ohladom Viusidu ,o ktorom som sa docitala v Bedekri zdravia a vdaka Vasim radam som si ho kupila pre seba, ale najma pre svojho dospievajuceho syna. Chcem sa Vam podakovat a podelit sa s vami o radost, lebo skutocne sme prekonali tuto tazku zimu bez zdravotnych problemov.
Viera Juhazyova