About us


Pomark Ltd. was founded in 1999 and until 2002 was focused exclusively on complex marketing activities for single multinational medical devices manufacturer (brand building, advertising, sales promotion, customer service and product registration services).

To increase quality and to improve range of our services in particular Pomark-MD (a sister company) was established in 2002. Since then Pomark-MD activities has been developing dynamically by expanding its portfolio of dermatocosmetics, products for aesthetic and corrective dermatology, regeneration medicine, medical devices, nutritional supplements and dissolution accessories. Own wholesaling operations enable us control over distribution channels of all by us imported products. Gradually Pomark-MD activities was enriched in export to selected Central European countries as well as to the other countries, what we intend to continue henceforward to the satisfaction of our partners and customers.

Miroslav Hudec, M.D.
owner & director


Pred casom som Vam pisala ohladom Viusidu ,o ktorom som sa docitala v Bedekri zdravia a vdaka Vasim radam som si ho kupila pre seba, ale najma pre svojho dospievajuceho syna. Chcem sa Vam podakovat a podelit sa s vami o radost, lebo skutocne sme prekonali tuto tazku zimu bez zdravotnych problemov.
Viera Juhazyova